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DJ Aviel Altit

DJ AVIEL is a top quality DJ that can make any event special. With over 14 years of experience djing as a full time every weekend, He has spent several years providing a great presence at various events, traveling all over the US, South America, Europe, and Israel turning up the energy and motivation out there on dance floors all around. His reputation precedes him and he is well known for offering top-notch service. 

DJ Aviel has combined talent and a huge amount of experience earned providing customized entertainment for diverse audiences and unique events. Whether the event is a fun one or a formal one, he comes well prepared, dressed for the occasion with entertainment that suits the occasion perfectly.


DJ Aviel works to keep his music collection updated on a daily basis, adding new hits and even old favorites. He offers just about any song you can think of.


Those looking to make an event memorable will find DJ Aviel to be an excellent choice. His experience includes a variety of different events, including weddings, live show, the hottest nightclub, corporate and gala events, grand openings,  Mitzvahs events, he even made an appearance on several TV shows and DJ on celebrities exclusive events. 


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